Laos Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone: Raid in response to EIA’s Sin City report

After EIA exposing the rampant illegal wildlife trade in Laos Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone (GT SEZ) in its latest report,  the Laos government immediately operated a raid to crack down on the illegal sale and consumption of wildlife. In this “lawless playground”, restaurants openly sell stir fry tiger meat and tiger bone wine. Inside of the casino, numerous pieces of ivory bangles, carved tusks display in front of these gamblers.  Has this situation truly changed? Please see the news posted on the GT SEZ official website, translated as follows.

However, the news did not disclose the detailed law enforcement, i.e. how many pieces of wildlife products were confiscated or what’s the next step of it. Let’s hope this is not just a PR work.Stay

GT SEZ cracks down on the illegal sale and consumption of wild animals and its products. 


On 23rd March 2015, the GT SEZ convened a team comprising of the police, army, commerce and the relevant personnel from the Kings Roman Group and conducted an impromptu raid at Chinatown, Lao-China Friendship Street, farmers’ market, the riverside shops and restaurants. The aim of the raid is to check for illegal rearing, sale and consumption of wildlife as well as the illegal sale of wildlife products.

The raid was carried out in accordance to the relevant Laos national laws and regulations related to the SEZ. The infractions uncovered during the raid would result in its immediate rectification and the products seized were turned over and dealt with by the relevant authorities. In addition, the people involved in the illegal activities will be dealt with by the law and penalties would be imposed. The GT SEZ will carry out wildlife protection work and continue to resolutely crack down on illegal wildlife-related criminal activities.

The Lao PDR protects wildlife in accordance to its laws, especially endangered wildlife, and that is the responsibility of the SEZ Management Committee. The next step for the GT SEZ Committee is to strengthen the management of the markets, prevent from happening again, the trade or killing of wildlife as well as its production, sales and consumption. “When the buying stops, the killing can too”, wildlife protection begins with us, do not buy, sell, kill wildlife and its products. Let us work together to care for wildlife by creating a beautiful and harmonious home.


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