What do UK political parties say about illegal wildlife trade?

As many of you who live in the UK might be aware, the election just finished weeks ago, very chaotic day indeed.(Appoligies : this supposed to be live on the day before the election, but due to my schedule, it has to be a post-election blog)

David Camron has come back to Downing 10th to continue his government for the next 5 years. In order to get some votes from these conservationists, every party seems to have some wildlife-related manifesto. Comparing to education, employment, economics, wildlife policy definitely isn’t the most important in their agenda, but I managed to dig something out.

My office is a complete green one (not politically). We even have a worm compost in kitchen to minimize waste and to be more green. Surprisingly, not many will vote green though, perhaps because nobody knows what exactly their policies are.


Conservatives — traditionally considered not too green, however, during this election, Tories seems to put the full crack on and published a lot valuable manifesto related to wildlife. Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, yep the well-loved mayor of London, recently prepared a briefing to lobby MEPs to ban ivory trade in the whole EU. Willam Haugue, the second hand of Tories also attended an illegal wildlife trade workshop with Prince Willam last year in London Declaration. Both send out a clear message that the Tories do care about our lovely elephants and rhinos. As my colleague said, at least they are talking about the illegal wildlife trade.

Libdem— was the greener side of the coalition, who put the climate change to the agenda. When I searching the wildlife manifesto, Libdem claimed they will go further and faster to protect Britain’s wildlife. The news of Nick Cleggvisted a seal sanctuary in Cornwall to learn more about the harm plasticsdo to animals and to see first hand the work being done to protect Britain’s marine life. Catherine Bearder, an active conservationist but also an MEP from Liberal Democrats. She has been working closely with ENGOs to pass evidence to the European decision makers. Her latest agenda is to lobby governments to ban ivory trade globally.

Stay tuned ! Greens and Labours coming soon

Stay wild xxx

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