Why tigers belong on the UK – China agenda? 中英商贸升温,请别忘了老虎!


Earlier this week, President Xi started his first state visit to the UK, bringing along billions of investment. While criticised “bending over” to China, the UK is eager to prove its friendship with the second largest economy of the world. , Despite the human right issues, the environmental abuse, China often is under attack due to its irresponsibility in animal welfare and the utilisation of wildlife. This profounded issue emerged largely because of the influence of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but now the wealthy class of China are the main customers who “bank on extinction”. Same as the ivory stories, tigers are largely bred for their meats, skins, bones and derivatives in China and other Southeast Asian countries. It is estimated while 3200 tigers remain in the wild, more than 7000 captive-bred tigers are living behind the bars in Aisa, let along the huge numbers of “pet tigers” in the US.

In order to ensure that tiger conservation remains a priority for the international community and to end tiger farming and trade, several tiger conservation groups wrote to PM David Cameron and ask him to raise this issue during President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to the UK. Specifically, appealing to the PM to encourage Xi to announce a total ban on all trade in tiger parts and derivatives including from captive tigers, to end tiger farming and destroy stockpiles of
tiger parts and derivatives.

Stay Wild xxx

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